It is unlikely that the average person will encounter a 24-hour watch in their day to day life. But for the adventurous spirit, few watches can claim to be as unique as the people who wear it. That’s just one of the many things that makes our watch the perfect timepiece for those who view time - and life - just a little bit different.

Timeless design is design that remains attractive as the days, months, years, and decades pass. We are confident that the First Season watch will still be attractive 15 years from now, just like our grandparents vintage design watches that still feels timeless and interesting now.

Our First Season model is a unique watch which takes its inspiration from the classic vintage era of the 1960’s. It effortlessly distinguish itself through the 24-hour movement and dial. Protected by a domed K1 crystal, which blends the past with the present through its unique and timeless design.

Akerfalk Watches were born through countless hours diligent effort with the design team striving to achieve a clean dial layout, complete with all 24 hours. The first samples looked great on paper, yet the ”WOW” factor was somehow missing. It took us months and stacks of sketches and samples to find the precise DNA of Akerfalk Watches.

We are inspired by classic Swedish design, and we admire brands like Fjällräven, Svenskt Tenn and Volvo Automobiles, just to name a few. It is the overwhelming majesty of Sweden’s natural beauty that permeates our very being and finds itself expressed in all that we create.

The Beginnings:

This project started almost 3 years ago. At first, it was only a discussion between three friends about their common passion for timepieces. As these discussions progressed, however, the project began to gain traction, and we started to focus on how most modern watches in today’s market all shared a common generic design. We had to find a space in the market with something unique that would set us apart from the crowd.

One big question was how to finance the project. We wanted to find a solution without taking on a large external investor. We were blessed to have many options as the project grew in scale. Interest came from friends and also large-scale investors who saw the potential in us, and believed in our vision for creating something fresh and new, yet still incorporated all the best elements of the past.

We decided on a crowdfunding campaign with Kickstarter after witnessing some other success stories. This would also solve the financing for the first round. We started our pre-launch campaign and attracted a lot of traffic to our page, one of them was Sarah from the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. ”We love what you are doing,” she told us. ”Run the campaign with us and we will give you the support that you need.” We decided to change to Indiegogo and were very happy that we did. On October 5th, 2017 we raised €45,221, which was 112% over our goal. We remain to this day, very grateful to all our backers who made this possible.

Only days after our Indiegogo campaign was finished, we were contacted by Fumio Chiba, CEO of Discover Inc Japan.

”I found the Akerfalk 24-Hour Timepiece Collection on your website, they are very cool and innovative, and I was very impressed and fascinated! I firmly believe that they will really catch on in Japan, so I would like to import and sell them through my website for the Japanese market.”

Following some e-mail exchanges, we decided to initiate a crowdfunding campaign on the Japanese site

The goal was set at 800,000 Yen (€6,420), but the campaign ended at 6,194,100 Yen (€49,712), 774% over our goal, making it one of the most funded watch campaigns at Makuake. Thank you to all our backers, customers and fans for making this dream a reality.


To design, manufacture and distribute high quality and unique 24-hour timepieces. The perfect timepiece for those who view time - and life - just a little bit different.

The team

Mikael comes to Akerfalk from the fashion industry, where he worked with product development and buying processes from both Europe and the Far East for more than 15 years. For the past 4 years he´s been working as a self-employed entrepreneur.

For the past 10 years, Joakim has run his own marketing and design agency. He plays a key role in the design process of all Akerfalk timepieces, and possesses an in-depth knowledge of the watch industry.

Anders has run his own advertising photography studio since early 2000´s. Works with the visual concept and hands-on content production.