The perfect unisex watch

Scandinavian design at its best, Second season is our take on the perfect dress watch. The follow up to our very popular First Season, but now in a smaller 36 mm case, minimalist aesthetic and tasteful size. The perfect unisex watch.

Åkerfalk Second Season 24-hour watch
second season 24-hour watch åkerfalk

Dress watch with a personality

It’s not often you’ll wear a dress watch with a personality. The 24-hour dial is an unusual convention, and it’s this trait that separates the Second Season from most watches on the market today. The perfect timepiece for those who view time - and life - just a little bit different. All watches is packed in a practical leather box.

The attention to details

It’s not about the design, it’s the attention to details that makes the Second season a watch that never goes out of time. The silk-finish dial with the two-color hands, double domes K1 crystal and the flowing case design.

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