Unique watch

The clean Scandinavian design combined with the unique 24-hour dial. This is a conversation opener. It is unlikely that the average person will rarely encounter a 24-hour watch in their day to day life. But for the adventurous spirit, few watches can claim to be as unique as the people who wear it.

High quality Horween leather watch straps.

To complete the Scandinavian design, we use the highest quality leather straps from Horween leather company. They will age beautifully over time, straps comes with a quick release system to change watch look in no time. All watches is packed in a practical leather box.

Well thought out & memorable

Simple, purposeful, and tasteful are three qualities that many of the most beautiful watches, automobiles, homes, and other items of luxury posses. Akerfalk has given a classic style their own Swedish spin and the end result is well executed and very good looking. The First Season is indeed simple, tasteful, and purposeful. "WYCA"